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What our clients are saying

"A breath of fresh air"

"After having secondary insurance coverage for ten years with a large national insurance company that had extremely poor customer relations skills (and a company representative who rarely would return my calls), it was like a breath of fresh air to have found Rebecca through my financial planner. Rebecca is the consummate professional. She responds to telephone calls and emails in a timely manner; she is very knowledgeable about a variety of insurance products; she describes these options with respect, clarity, and patience; and, her empathy, and kindness are beyond reproach. In short, the name of her business is so appropriate, because she is, without a doubt, a woman of INTEGRITY!"
Dr. Bev

"Quick, genuine support"

"I started working with Rebecca 3 years ago when I turned 65 and needed to make decisions about my secondary insurance. She was very helpful in helping me understand all the various plans and to make an intelligent decision as to the best coverage for my needs based on both my health needs and my financial status. She provided quick and genuine support when there were issues regarding coverage and also claim questions. If I have questions, she is quick to respond either by phone and or email. Rebecca is easy to talk to and makes you feel very comfortable discussing at times very personal issues. I have and will continue to refer family and friends to Rebecca for their insurance needs."

"Timely and Professional"

"Rebecca Spychalla was recommended to us by my wife’s sister and was tremendous in helping us navigate the various Medicare supplement plans. This whole process can be very confusing but she came to our house, took the time to understand our situation, provide us the options available and help us get the best value for our money. Now that we are on Medicare, we have found that she can always be counted on to respond to our questions in a timely, and professional, manner. We would highly recommend Rebecca to anyone who needs someone to listen to their situation and assist them in making the correct insurance decisions."
David and Mary