Final Expense Insurance

Final Expense Plans, also called Burial Plans or Funeral Plans, are whole life insurance policies designed to pay for end of life expenses. These expenses include: funerals, unpaid debts, or a financial gift left to your loved ones. Alleviating the burden of your final expenses can be a great help to your family or your beneficiaries.

  • There is no physical exam required
  • Your life insurance benefit will not decrease
  • Your premium for this insurance will not increase
  • Applying is easy!

Review your options

At Integrity Insurance Services, we will sit down and discuss all of your options in detail. You can relax and take your time, no need to rush!

Choose a Carrier

After talking about your choices, you can then choose an insurance carrier. As an independent broker, we have contracts with several different insurance companies.

Follow up

After your decision is made, we follow up with prompt customer service to ensure a smooth enrollment. We check in on all of our customer at least 2 times a year.

call assistance

If you are uncomfortable calling your insurance company's "800" number, give us a call first! We are happy to make the call for you when possible, or do a 3-way call to avoid any miscommunication.